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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Swarovski SMARTgirl Limited Edition Launched In Spain

A side-by-side comparison of today’s smartphone cameras A side-by-side comparison of today’s smartphone cameras
Acerboni Ferdinando | 29 Novembre, 2017, 16:55

Most of Samsung's Android 8.0 Oreo plans remain in the shadows, but we continue to see new information popup as we close in on 2018.

The color is named Burgundy Red, and to us, it looks pretty nice. The phone will be strikingly similar to the Galaxy S8 when it comes to overall design, although the Galaxy S9 should bring over better hardware, and a dual-lens camera for the Plus-sized model. Samsung has yet to reveal an exact release date for the Galaxy A8 (2018), although it is most likely to be unveiled at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES). So you can imagine that if something were to go wrong with their cameras, it would be rather troublesome, and according to reports, it seems that some Galaxy S8 owners are experiencing some problems with their cameras. These rumors also say the phone will have an even higher screen-to-body ratio, which means the phone should have even smaller top and bottom bezels. In other words, you're still looking at a bezel-less design, Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, a 12 MP rear camera, and Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant that can be summoned with the Bixby button on the side.

Samsung has launched a new version of their Galaxy S8 Plus in Spain, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Swarovski SMARTgirl handset which is a limited edition device. Comparatively, the Galaxy S8 has symmetrical top and bottom bezels, while the side bezels are nearly imperceptible, as the screen curves around the edges. Samsung won't be the sole device to feature the new processor, as LG's upcoming G7 flagship is also said to be featuring the same.

Earlier this year, Galaxy S9 rumors suggested the new flagship would run Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.

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