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Samsung Galaxy S9 new LEAK shows MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT on Galaxy S8 features

Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy S9 new LEAK shows MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT on Galaxy S8 features
Evangelisti Maggiorino | 18 Novembre, 2017, 11:49

While some manufactures have had the feature baked into the UI, the YouTube update will make sure all smartphones with such aspect ratios wider than 16:9 will be able to make use of the extra display instead of having it letterboxed. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are reported to begin mass production from next month. The third model, called the Galaxy S9 Mini, could come with a screen size somewhere in the 4-inch range. If you are unable to see it on your phone, you should wait for a couple of days as it will take some time to reach out to your device.

A new set of leaks seem to be hinting at a few new features the Galaxy S9 may include when it launches next year. The dual cameras at the back of the new phones will be placed vertically - much like the iPhone X.

The phone retailed at launch for £639, meaning it's now half the price. The smartphones in discussion recently made news online and was rumored to ship with 18:9 aspect ratio Infinity displays.

Although the results still place the phone among the best Android smartphones on the market right now, those figures are not close to matching that of the new iPhones'. This stands for 'broad band anti reflection' and it avoids glare, ghosting and reflections.

While Samsung certainly has impressive features, the iPhone X has already sold out. Even Microsoft has mocked both companies and the war between them in a commercial for Windows Phone years ago. We might also get to experience Bluetooth 5.0 with the Samsung's upcoming handsets. Samsung, however, hasn't confirmed anything on the technical specifications yet but the fact that SM-J250F will possess dual sim variant for specific territories has been confirmed.

And that's bad news: the rear fingerprint recognition is one of the Galaxy S8's worst features.

In a vacuum it would be easy to recommend. It comes with 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 7870 processor and 3GB of RAM.

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